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Item Number
what's included
  • CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter
  • CVM-780 Probe Assembly
  • Metal Pins (2)
  • Ceramic Pins (2)
  • Pin Tool
  • CVM-780 CC 6 ft. DB-9 Connection Cable
  • CVM-780 Universal Battery Charger
  • PFP-861LL 72 inch Green Test Lead
  • GAP-005 Ground Adapter Plug
  • PGA-710 Analog Connection Cable
  • PRS-801BC Bulldog Clip
  • PRS-801-WW Electrode Cleaning Wipes (5)
  • Operator's Manual

CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter Set

  • Measure Voltages with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Ceramic Probe Tips allow Accurate Measurement
  • Reads Real Voltage
  • Valuable ESD Analysis Tool

The CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter™ combines the ease of use of a digital voltmeter with the high input impedance and low input capacitance of a true electrostatic voltmeter in a small, portable, battery operated package.

Being a true electrostatic voltmeter, not a field meter means that it reads real voltage, without confusing it with electrostatic field strength, which can be distinctly different.

The CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter™ uses a unique active probe design which is fully guarded and shielded for minimal interference with the surrounding E field.

The Contact Voltmeter™ is powered by rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and is a valuable ESD Analysis Tool.


Basic Description
High impedance contact voltmeter with active probe
DC Characteristics
Intended Operating Range: 0 to ±525 volts
1 volt, 3 digit display
Circuit accuracy
Note: Maximum measurement range is ±575 Volts for brief periods
Dynamic Characteristics
Response Time: Approximately 1ms for a voltage step of 200V at the probe tip to the monitor output.
Digital display update: 3 readings per second.
Input charge/measurement
Approximately 100 femptocoulomb/volt (1.0x10-13 C/V)
Input Impedance
=1014 ohm in parallel with <1pF Capacitance
Monitor Output
Scale Factor: 10,000:1; 100uV/V (Compatible with Prostat™ PGA-710 Autoanalysis System™)
Recording Deviation
Typically < ±10 volts at ± 500 Volts
Measurement Tolerances

When measuring DC voltage reference:

500 V Less or Equal to ±2 V
100 V Less or Equal to ±2 V
50 V Less or Equal to ±2 V
10 V Less or Equal to ±1 V

When measuring floating conductors:

500 V Less or Equal to ±5% ±2 Counts
100 V Less or Equal to ±5% ±2 Counts
50 V Less or Equal to ±5% ±2 Counts
10 V Less or Equal to ±10% ±2 Counts

Probe Tips
Metal: Nominally 0.95 and 0.45 inch Ceramic 0.90 and 0.40 inch ±0.05”
Portable Operation
Approximately 3.5 Hours on Full Battery Charge
(Operates during Battery Charge)
4 each Energizer NH15-2500 Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries (AA Size)
Universal 90 to 264 Volts, 47 to 63 Hz

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