05 Dec

Two layer and three layer ESD PVC Mats

Q: What is the difference betwen two layer and three layer ESD PVC Mat, and which one will be advisable for flooring?

A: We have a variety of bench and flooring mats and runners. The two and three layer mats would generally refer to our bench or table mats. Our Duro-Stat line is actually a homogenous vinyl ESD matting with great mechanical and electrical properties. But most BM’s are of the two-layer or three-layer type. The top layer would give the mats its resistance to chemicals, resistance to solder, flux, and the ability to keep it clean. The backing would typically promote an anti-skid and durable surface. The three-layer mats are going to have a conductive scrim center layer and work well with most wrist strap constant monitors.

For floor mats and runners, we’ve got our UltraCon Floor Mat which is made of highly conductive rubber. Your flooring mats and runners are going to be typically homogenous and don’t have layers per say. Our Tough One! line is made of embossed homogenous solid vinyl. The exception being our Anti-Fatigue II line, this static dissipative mat is a vinyl mat with a foamed vinyl backing. Our No-Slip II is made of a corrugated slip-resistant vinyl.

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