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Constant Wrist Strap Monitor
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Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

CM-9211B Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor

Battery Operated ESD Continuous Monitor

We would like to introduce our newest ESD monitor to our line of ESD Wrist strap monitors. The CM-9211B is equipped with a 9-volt battery power source. This enables the end user to mount our monitors anywhere without having to find a plug in power source, all is needed is a good earth ground source.

The monitor is NOT AFFECTED by such variables as:
  • Type of style of  wrist strap
  • Adding capacitance to a wrist strap cord by stretching and or bunching
  • ELIMINATES periodic ground and wrist strap inspections
  • Induces NO CURRENT into operator
SIZE  (Wrist module only) 2.75” X 4..50” X 1.0”
WEIGHT(Overall, including Power supply) 7.4 OZ
SENSED IMPEDANCE (Wrist Strap) Z=2.5 Megohms (Maximum). Capacity reactance of the body at 2.3KHZ with skin resistance and wrist strap input resistance
VISUAL INDICATORS A. LED Green: Safe condition
  B. LED Red: Fault condition
AUDIBLE ALARM Continuous for 3 Seconds (Nom)
ADJUSTMENTS No user adjustments necessary
SYSTEM TEST A test box is available with pre-set circuit parameters and presents go/no-go conditions.
MONITOR MOUNTING Belt Clip or bench Mount

Note to Customers Outside USA:
When Ordering, Please advise salesperson in what country these units will be used.

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