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TC-1400 Wastebasket
Item Number:

TC-1400 Wastebasket

  • Eliminates Charge Generating Wastebaskets
  • ESD Safe
  • Dimensions: 14-1/4 X 12-3/4 X 13-5/8" (OD)

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TC-2200 Trash Receptacle

Item Number:

TC-2200 Trash Receptacle

Replace the Static Generating Trash Can in Your ESD Controlled Work Area With a New ESD Safe Trash Receptacle.

  • Permanently static dissipative surface
  • Buried "impregnated" conductive shield
  • Easy to assemble - requires no staples, glue or tape
  • Dimensions: 22-7/8"x12-7/8"x32"
  • Packaging: case of 3, box only
  • Shipping weight: 7.00 lbs / 3.15 kg
Other Properties and Features:
  • Economical ESD protective product to replace high charging plastic trash cans
  • Antistatic, low charging dissipative surface
  • Constructed with double sides, triple ends, and double thickness bottom for greater durability
  • Conductive plastic handles provide ease of handling along with reliable ESD control path-to-ground
  • Chemical resistant Identified with ESD Protective Symbol (Ref: ESD 8.1)
  • Static dissipative surface of 107 - 109 ohms*
  • Buried shielding layer minimizes sloughing and rub-off contamination
  • Made from 100% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable
  • Made in America

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Typical Values
Test Procedures/Method
 Electrostatic Decay
 0.01 seconds at 72° F and 11.8% R.H.
FED-STD-101, Method 4046 
 Surface Resistivity
107 - 108 ohms/sq. after 11 days at 68° F and 12% R.H.for surface. 103 - 104 ohms/sq. for buried shielding layer 
 ASTM D257
 Surface Resistivity, Low R.H. Cut-off
4% R.H. 
Rockwell International Test Report of December 20, 1991 
 High-Voltage Discharge Resistance
Failure rate 0/5 (no oxide damage in five consecutive tests) 
Rockwell International Test Report of December 20, 1991 
 Static Shielding
99.9% attenuation at 10kV; 99.6% attenuation at 30kV 
EIA 541, appendix E, capacitive probe test 
 Charged Device Model (CDM) Safety
RTG >107 ohms at 86% R.H. or less 
Rockwell International Test Report of December 20, 1991
 Current-Carrying Hazard
103 mA at 110V; 103 mA at 220V 
ESD from A to Z 
Contains 1-3 ppm reducible sulfur 
FED-STD-101, Method 3005 for reducible sulfur 
 Antistat Transfer
No transfer 
Rockwell International Test Report of January 8, 1992 
 Water & Isopropyl Alcohol Extraction Tests for Antistat Permanence
Surface resistivity 108 - 109 ohms/square at 74° F and 36% R.H 
Rockwell International Test Report of January 8, 1992 
 Sloughing Test
Negligible surface damage at 10 cycles and <5% of surface damage at 200 cycles in Taber Abrasion Test.

No conductive particles abrased from surface 
ASTM D4060 at 70 rpm with CS-17 abrasive-coated wheels and 1000 grams load

Rockwell International Test Report of January 8, 1992
Complete recyclability of package
Rockwell International Test Report of January 8, 1992
Biodegradation in or on moist soil
Volume Conductivity
Conductivity from wall to wall as well as across surface to assure permanence of the antistatic property
Rockwell International Test Report of January 8, 1992
 Shelf Life

Technical Documents:
» TC-2200 Specifications

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