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CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter Set
The CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter™ combines the ease of use of a digital voltmeter with the high input impedance and low input capacitance of a true electrostatic voltmeter.

PGA-710 Autoanalysis System

It records, plots, analyzes and automatically constructs reports of body voltage generation, electrostatic decay, voltage retention, ionizer performance and other static measuring functions.

PGA-710 Autoanalysis Kit

A Kit for recording, plotting, analyzing and automatically construct reports of body voltage generation, electrostatic decay, voltage retention, ionizer performance and other static measuring functions.

ACA-110 AC Alert

This pocket sized hi-tech instrument can determine the presence or absence of AC voltage. It operates by sensing the electromagnetic field that is always present.

MTR-3000 ESD Field Meter

This hand held, non-contact, electrostatic Field Meter finds static charge by measuring the electrostatic field on materials, machines, and people.

PAN-750 Anemometer

The PAN-750 Anemometer is a battery operated instrument used to measure air velocities and temperature of ionizers. This instrument can also be used to measure wind velocities and check air conditioning and heating systems. This portable anemometer provides fast, accurate readings with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor.

PAR-809B Variable Resistance Reference

The PAR-809B is a precision resistance reference employing 31 ±2% tolerance resistors for accuracy. It is designed to functionally test the PASS/FAIL resistance range and performance of wrist strap and footwear checkers, megohmmeters, monitoring systems, meters and other indicating devices, to both US and International Standards.

PDT-740B Static Decay Timer

The PDT-740B Static Decay Timer is designed to measure the time required for a 1,000 volt charge to dissipate to less than 100, 50 or 10 volts in tenths of a second. This extremely useful accessory is used with the PROSTAT PFM-711A Field Meter and CPM-720A Charge Plate Monitor to evaluate Ionizer Decay Time in accordance with ESD Association Ionization Standard S3.1.

PGT-61-164 SureTest® Circuit Analyzer

State-of-the-art branch circuit analyzer by Ideal Industries the PGT-61-164 SureTest© Universal Circuit Analyzer now tests circuits INTERNATIONALLY. This patented unit incorporates all the branch circuit testing capabilities you need to effectively test and troubleshoot a branch circuit from 85 - 250 volts, AND 45 - 65 Hz.

PHT-771 Psychrometer

PHT-771 Psychrometer is a highly accurate, battery operated temperature and humidity indicating instrument. Its large LCD displays both temperature and humidity measurements simultaneously. The PHT-771 provides several operational features such as "Data Hold", Recall MIN/MAX measurements, and selection of ºF or ºC.

PMM-810 Digital Multimeter

The PROSTAT PMM-810 Digital Multimeter is five meters in one. An ESD auditor will find it a handy wide range digital resistance meter for quick measurements of chairs, carts and other equipment, up to 2.0x109 ohms. he PMM-810 includes color coded safety input jacks, large 3-1/2 digit LCD display, overload protection on all ranges, Frequency Autoranging selection from 20 - 20M Hz, and fused protection for current inputs. It is delivered with test leads, 9V battery installed and an extra fuse.
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