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Ultra Contact

Ultra Contact is a fiber re-enforced VOC free acrylic dry contact cement film adhesive in roll form. It replaces solvent based or water based contact cements in a number of applications. Ultra Contact does not pose the fire or explosion risks that are associated with solvent-based contact adhesives. Ultra Contact can be used in small confined space, such as in marine cabins or aircraft. Ultra Contact has excellent shelf life and does not dry out. It is freeze stable. Ultra Contact adheres instantly and saves the 30-45' waiting time associated with liquid contact cements. Ultra Contact may be applied off site to the skirting, reducing labor on-site.

6655-5550 Rolls 2.16" x 165' (55 mm x 50 m 4/box)
6655-8550 Rolls 3.4" x 165' (85 mm x 50m 3/box)
6655-12050 Rolls 4.8" x 165' (120 mm x 50m 2/box)
#371 Ultra Contacter Applicator

Health and Environmental Benefits:
Ultra Contact does not cause nausea, headaches or skin rashes; it is non allergenic and non-carcinogenic. Ultra Contact adhesive is VOC free, free of solvents, odors, formaldehyde and chlorine and is environmentally friendly. There are no restrictions to waste disposal.

Ultra Contact® was designed for carpet skirting. The contact cement film may be applied manually or with greater speed and accuracy with the Ultra Contacter applicator to the carpet cove base. Apply sufficient pressure to bond the contact film to the carpet base. The Contacter may be placed directly behind a binding machine. Suitable wall surfaces are drywall, brickwork, concrete, ceramic surfaces, wall paper, vinyl wall coverings, positive or negative plaster patterns and firm, flake free paint. Suitable carpet backings are synthetic ActionBac®, jute, woven or non-woven backings, Enhancer back, smooth or embossed SBR foam and synthetic Unibond backings. Remove the release paper, apply the skirting to the wall and hit with a rubber mallet.

Ultra Contact® and TSC Promont® are being used successfully (but at user's risk) to flash cove and subsequently heat weld the seams of homogeneous vinyl. Several health care facilities now specify the use of dry contact cement tape for this application to prevent odors and solvents from contaminating the air circulation. Some manufacturers of homogeneous vinyl or vinyl safety floors also specify Ultra Contact film tapes for heat-welded seams.

Ultra Contact dry contact cement is not suitable for extruded PVC skirting (shrinkage) or for Teflon or silicone stain repellent surfaces. It is not suitable for Urethane backings.

Request Detailed Installation Instructions and conduct tests before installation.

Technical Documents:
» Ultra Contact Tape Data Sheet

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