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Ultra Epofix

Request Detailed Installation Instructions and conduct tests before installation.

Ultra Epofix

Ultra Expofix is a narrow tape made of Ultra Original. It is a textile re-enforced double sided self stick perimeter flooring adhesive from the roll It is VOC free, free of odors, carcinogens, out-gassing and is totally safe for people. The adhesive is acrylic based, plasticizer resistant, contains no formaldehydes and has unrestricted waste disposal. Ultra Expofix has a lower adhesive strength to the old flooring and a higher adhesive strength to the new flooring.

7710-5025: Rolls 2" x 82’6” (50mm x 25 m 12/box)
7710-7025: Rolls 2.7" x 82'6" (50 cm x 25 m 8/box)

Ultra Expofix is a convenient temporary solution for installing dimensionally syable flooring products at trade shows (i.e. carpet tile or vinyl tile over concrete or existing tile). The perimeter tape installation is releasable, but does not offer the dimensional stability of full surface taped installations. Ultra expofix is also used to tape the seams of dimensionally stable 6' wide carpet.

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