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Patick McGowan



  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from Metropolitan State College of Denver.
  • Director of Engineering and the ESD Auditor  for Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc.


  • Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
  • Member of the ESD Association.


  • Successfully completed “Basic ESD Technology,” “Fundamentals of ESD and Auditing”  and an “Electrostatic Training Seminar” from previous ESDA Board of Directors.
  • Consulted for Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc. since September 10th, 2002 and have been a full-time employee of Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc. in the Engineering department since November 26th, 2003 and have been the Director of Engineering since January 9th, 2004.
  • Prior to working for Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc, Patrick was the Star S3 VISX Excimer Laser Engineer for the Colorado Front Range for the companies, Clear Vision Laser Centers, LVCI, and TLC Vision.
  • Prior to work as a Laser Engineer, Patrick rose from Electronics assembly to R&D Engineer at Conmed/Aspen Labs in Centennial Colorado.
Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

Patrick’s work at Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc. comprises of assisting Master Flooring Mechanics and sometimes serving as flooring mechanic for the installation of ESD flooring systems, gathering PTP and RTG resistance data, environmental conditions, verification of flooring materials, floor grounding technical elements, substrate prep, moisture control readings as per ASTM E-1907 & ASTM F-1869-98 to ultimately create a comprehensive ESD flooring installation certification and technical report.  He’s also amassed a comprehensive and ever growing lab and field ESD auditing kit which he uses to qualify, verify, test, and basically audit each and every product provided by Ground Zero Electrostatics Inc. as part of his QA sector in the ESD Engineering Lab.

Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

He’s especially proud of his PGA-710 Autoanalysis Kit from Prostat.  This device and its accompany software enables him to capture real-time Body Voltage Generation on a PC or Laptop per ANSI/ESD STM97.2-2006.  This is great for qualifying ESD Flooring systems with relation to ESD footwear and would enable us to fine-tune any EPA for optimum ESD performance.  It has enabled him to test the ESD performance of our vast array of ESD peripherals as well.  This state-of-the-art device serves as a static decay timer and built-in XY-Plotter with A/D conversion to capture and store static charge potential as it’s happening, as well as the subsequent analysis to add to an already ESD flooring installation or EPA audit.

In other words, he has a lot of neat toys and knows how to use them.  As a member of the ESD Association, Patrick is constantly referring to set Standards set forth in ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 , Standard Test Methods, Standard Practices, ESD Handbook TR 20.20, Advisory Documents, Technical Reports, and other standards where appropriate; such as DoD 4145.26-M, ASTM F-150, JESD 625A (formerly EIA 625), Mil HDBK 263B, EIA-541, DoD STD 2000-1B, NASA, and recommended testing procedures set forth in Prostat instruction manuals for various ESD testing equipment.

Patrick is constantly taking ESD related technical calls from the field and helping solve real-world field applications via phone, business trip, email, and now via our website www.esdpros.com.

Patrick is basically here to see the right thing gets done the first time and every time.


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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    My name is Richard Alvear. I’m the ESD coordinator in our electronics company here in the Philippines. I would like to ask if below tolerances of RTG(resistance point-to-ground) is acceptable for you as well as ISO 9001 audits?

    1. Working surface must be from 10^6 ohms/sq to 10^11 ohms/sq.
    2. Flooring must be from 10^3 ohms/sq to 10^9 ohms/sq.

    Looking forward for your reply.


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