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  1. Can the ESD ground should be isolated with Electrical Ground? What should be the resistance value between these two?

    • ESD Ground should be any good earth ground that is neutral, building green wire, building super-structure, or an independent isolated ground specific to your ESD system. There should be 35 meg ohms between you ESD Floor/Mat and your ground point when testing (RTG)…

  2. Hi There, we are an automotive part manufacturer (we handle some PCB’s). So we are an ESD protected facility. My question is regarding Drinking Bottles. To be more cost cautious, what can our assembly workers buy from any local store, as a water bottle that is ESD safe? What kind of material should they be searching for? 100% aluminum? Is plastic ok, as long as they have other means of being grounded (ie. esd shoes, mats, wristbands, coats, shirts).

    • The answer in NO. You want to keep insulative (plastic) materials out of your EPA as they are generally static generators. We have ESD bottles that are compliant and ESD Safe. Aluminum containers are file unless they are wrapped with a vinyl covering.

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