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05 Dec

Copper Mesh Grid with two and three layer flooring

Q: Some ESD material suppliers claim that Copper Mesh Grid is not required in case of two layer flooring. Is it correct and if so, why only in case of three layer?

A: This question may be off topic. It sounds like you are talking about ESD flooring, not bench or floor matting. If that’s the case, some manufacturers of esd flooring make a conductive backed tile or sheet good. This backing may be so conductive and along with a conductive esd adhesive, they claim that you don’t have to lay down an expensive copper grid. That’s fine. But if I’m installing the floor, I’ll use copper (or aluminum if requested) tape and run a standard grid the length of the room (along the x-axis) and cross it up (y-axis) so as to ground the floor at least once every 2500 square feet or a couple of times per room minimum. I’ve found that this helps prevent hot spots from tile to tile or gives more consistent RTT (Resistance Top-to-Top or Point to Point). One roll of copper tape would enable me to ground a room that was 60’ x 40’ without a problem. If I have more tape to use, I’ll use it. A liberal amount of copper tape and ESD adhesive is provided free of charge with the purchase and installation of an ESD floor from Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc.

Copper mesh grid just doesn’t apply to 2 layer or 3 layer mats. They use ground cords. One per every 10 feet, I believe.

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