01 Dec

Flooring system suitable for use in a pharmaceutical manufacturing space

Q: I am looking for a flooring system suitable for use in a pharmaceutical manufacturing space where Class I-B flammable liquids and vapors are routinely present. Is conductive epoxy the best choice? Is an integral copper grounding grid needed?

A: Yes, Conductive is the correct choice for this type of environment. I’d recommend glancing through our flooring selection chart as a starting point:

Ground Zero Flooring Comparison Chart (PDF)

I’d start with an ESD Conductive floor, whether it be a, Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Sheet, or Epoxy. If you go with vinyl tile or sheet, it needs to have welded seams so it can be chemically sound and completely resistant to spill, etc.

Vinyl Sheet is the most economical option. Vinyl Tile has the highest rated loading at 2500 psi, while Epoxy is most durable. They all have good chemical resistance and excellent permanent ESD performance.

All of our flooring installations incorporate the copper grounding grid tape, this is important to assure a permanent and mechanical path to A/C electrical or structural ground.

Below are some of our examples currently being used in your industry:

ESD Vinyl Tile (Weldable)
ESD Vinyl Sheet (Weldable)
ESD Epoxy

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