05 Dec

Size and thickness of copper foil when installing ESD Flooring

Q: What is the recommended size of the copper grid while installing the ESD Flooring and what should be the thickness of the copper foil?

A: Copper tape comes in varying widths and typically comes in 108’ runs. Our Copper tape has an adhesive backing to it that enables you to run it the length of the ESD floor. There is a spec for how thick the copper is and how thick the adhesive is in mils, but what is most critical is how conductive the tape is across its length and from top side to adhesive side. It’s pretty conductive stuff. We’ve found it to be less than 0.025 Ω in the field using a 4 lead resistance meter. The scientists have more precise data, but that it measures less than 0.1 Ω from earth is what is necessary. You can select between ½ “, 1”, 2”, and 3”, 6”, and 12”. The ½” tape is sufficient for most applications, but I prefer the 2” type.

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