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GZ-C4700-1 is a solvent-free, latex adhesive formulated to provide an exceptional bond when installing rubber or vinyl stair treads, radial rubber tile or rubber sheet flooring over porous and non-porous surfaces free of moisture.


This is the ultimate technology for installing ESD floor coverings without wet adhesives. Ideal for renovation projects or where a deployable installation is desired.


GZ-C2000 R Releasable Conductive Adhesive allows excellent long term results when installing esd solid vinyl flooring tiles over non-porous VCT in a "tile over tile" application.


The conductive GZ-Releasable Adhesive System makes it easy to lay new carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles, floor runners, and bench matting directly onto existing surfaces.

Copper Tape

Excellent for grounding flooring to AC electrical conduit and building ground system. Engineered with a full length, liner covered adhesive backing designed for optimum bond strength to pre-cleaned substrates.

Grounding Plates

Grounding Plates made from stainless steel and easy to install.

Vaportight Coat SG 2

VAPORTIGHT COAT-SG2 is a unique 2-component, moisture tolerant, extremely high-density epoxy based product, which prevents the passage of water vapor and moisture through slabs on or below grade.

Calcium Chloride
Test Kit

Ground Zero offers the finest moisture test on the market, used by many of America's leading, floor materials installers and independent testing agencies.

Warning Tile

Available as both 8"x8" tiles, and as rolls of vinyl sheets, these ESD Warning Tiles will provide unprecedented awareness for visitors and employees entering ESD control areas.

Seam Welding Rod

Using a special welding technique, vinyl flooring can be made watertight and hygienic. This method permits the vinyl to wrap around corners and walls without seams.

Wall Base

Available in a dazzling variety of colors, Ground Zero's static control wall base is the perfect accessory for our ESD carpets and tile installations.

T-6 Transition Strip

Designed from heavy duty T-6 aircraft aluminum, this transition strip will withstand the abuse material handling equipment inflicts in high traffic areas.

Transitions & Reducers

Ground Zero's static control vinyl mouldings are available in 25 colors and 55 different shapes for every transitional and joining application.

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Releasable Adhesive