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Vinyl Seam Welding Rod

With a special welding technique Vinyl flooring can be made watertight and hygienic, all kinds of coving, inner and outer corners can be achieved and invisibly welded. ESD tile can be pre-grooved at the factory for easy installation with seam welding bead to create a functionally and aesthetically seamless waterproof floor. Available to match all ESD vinyl colors.

GZ's Welding Rod is available in a variety of sizes:

180 Linear Foot Roll
328 Linear Foot Roll

A variety of colors are available to match any vinyl sheet flooring.

How to heat weld using the vinyls seam welding bead-->

Vinyl Seam Welding

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DuroStat Welding Rod

Vinyl Seam Welding Rod

UltraStat Welding Rod

Vinyl Seam Welding Rod

Technical Documents:
» Vinyl Seam Welding Rod Data Sheet
» Heat Welding Procedures

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