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Floor Grounding Plate

Floor Grounding Plate
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Heavy gage stainless steel construction to provide secure anchoring with ESD Conductive or Dissipative materials including vinyl, carpet, anti-fatigue matting and runners. Excellent for grounding flooring to AC electrical conduit and building ground system.

Floor Grounding PlateFloor Grounding PlateGrounding Plate

  • Heavy gage stainless steel construction.
  • Provides secure anchoring to ESD conductive or dissipative flooring materials including vinyl, carpet, rubber, epoxy, floor matting and runners
  • Excellent in providing secondary floor grounding and PTP (Point to Point) stability to AC electrical conduit and/or building ground system.
  • The grounding plate provides access to a less than 0.1 Ω groundable point via a 10mm snap and provides an additional grounding path of less than 1E04 Ω from the ESD flooring system to earth.
  • Dimensions: 2 ¾” by 3 ¾“
  • Standard 20” 18 gauge lead wire terminated in a # 10 eyelet for connection to an AC receptacle plate
  • Material is free from Mercury contamination, is RoHS compliant, and was “Melted and Manufactured in the USA”.

Floor Grounding Plate
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ZeroStat Floor Termination & Grounding Kit

Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc. provides the ZeroStat floor termination and grounding kit for use with most ESD Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber and Epoxy Floor coverings and coatings.  This kit will ground 10,000 square feet of ESD Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber and Epoxy Flooring for installations in sensitive ESD environments and technical work spaces.

The kit contains the following:

  • (1) Roll of 1” wide x 108 lineal feet Copper Grounding Tape
  • (10) Heavy gauge Stainless Steel Ground Termination Plates w/double sided conductive, self adhering tape. Note: Each ground plate has a 20” long lead wire with a #10 terminal ring at the end. 
  • (20) Cable Clips (2 clips per cable)

Technical Documents:
» ZeroStat Floor Termination & Grounding Kit Data Sheet

Common Point Ground Plates

Common Point Ground plates mount on dual-gang outlets to provide convenient grounding for your ESD safe workstations. Each plate has three banana jacks and three screw terminal grounds that are connected in common and to the AC power ground connection. Note to Customers Outside USA: Please advise salesperson in what country these units will be used.

stainless steel grounding plate

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nylon grounding plate

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Stainless Grounding Plate
Stainless Steel

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Discharge Plate
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Discharge Plate

A must have for ESD control areas, the SP-DP-8x8 Discharge Plate removes static from personnel. Simply place your hand on the plate and static electricity is no more. Made of stainless steel, the bold yellow and black lettering warns personnel before they enter an ESD sensitive area. Simply mount it to the wall with double-sided tape (included) and attach the ground cord to a wall outlet or other ground. It includes a 10' ground cord but different lengths may be requested.

Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Thickness: .020"

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