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Interlocking Anti-Fatigue ESD Carpet Mats

Interlocking Anti-Fatigue ESD Carpet Mats

Anti-fatigue static dissipative carpet mat is an interlocking mat that combines comfort with visual appeal. These anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed to provide a comfortable and safe standing area for people who are required to work on hard surfaces for long periods of time. The mats minimize the health hazards associated with standing on hard cold surfaces: foot and leg muscle strain, back pain and varicose veins, all of which bring unnecessary discomfort and absenteeism. Of major importance is the ability to run cabling underneath the mats. If access is required at a later date, the mats can be simply unclipped and re-connected when the work is completed. The mat is of robust design and is made from materials that have excellent dissipative and insulating properties. Mats are available in both ESD dissipative and non-ESD.

  • Designed as an interlocking roll-up mat system, making their removal for relocation or cleaning easy
  • Easily installed by the end user
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • Accommodates cabling under the mats
  • Resistivity: Less than 106 ohms, test method ESD-S7
  • Guaranteed for five year
  • Available in Both ESD & Non-ESD

Dissipative: Black
Non-Dissipative: Black, Green, US Blue, Air Force Blue, White, Gray, Yellow, Orange, and Brick.
Other colors can be manufactured to order.
ESD Ramps: Black
Non-ESD Ramps: Yellow
Item No. Sizes Weight
FM-AF-8000-CAM 20" x 20" x 1" 7.50 lbs.
Color: Black, Gray, Blue, Custom

Item No. Description Sizes Weight
FM-AF-8000-MM Miter Male 20" x 4" x 1" 1.44 lbs.
FM-AF-8000-FM Miter Female 20" x 4" x 1" 1.44 lbs.
Color: Black

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Thickness: (Nominal) 1 Inch
Material: Recycled PVC and Rubber with UV protection Plasticized to a shore hardness of 75 to 80 shore A
Testing: Mats have a fail safe fall height test on concrete of 23.5 inches
Telarc registered test reports are available on request
Scuff Resistance: High
Heat Resistance: Excellent

Warranty: Carries a full five year guarantee on conductivity and normal wear
Electrical Properties: Meets Mil-B-81705 Par 4.3.2, 4.8.8 & 4.8.9 for electrostatic protective barrier materials.
     Volume Ohm 4.3 x 105 - Per ANSI EOS/ESD S4.1
     Surface Ohm per sq. 2.9 x 106 - Per ANSI EOS/ESD S4.1 Electrical test by California Institute of Electronics and Material Science
     Load Capacity:The safe working load on the mat as laid on a rigid base of 9,282 per sq.ft.
     Weight: Mat weight is 7.5 lbs. (Weight per box of 10 is 75 lb.)
Ramp weight is 1.44 lbs. ( Weight per box of 8 is 12 lb.)
Packaging: Mats are packed 10 per box (24” x 23” x 5”)
Ramps are packed 8 per box (20” x 8” x 2.5”)

Carpet Anti-Fatigue Mats are recommended for use in areas where standing is required and ESD, safety and comfort are a must. They can be used as floor runners or can be installed to cover an entire workstation or department. The mats are an interlocking design, each mat having (5) locking lugs that effectively lock to one another.

The mats should be installed on a hard surface that has first been prepared to the required levels. The mats are always laid with the lugs away from the installer so that each mat is overlaying the other.

The mats are easily cut to suit site dimensions with a sharp saw or jigsaw. Mats should have a 5/16” gap around fixed objects and edges to allow for expansion and contraction. For additional security, the lugs can be glued using an approved Ground Zero cement. Ramp tiles that clip to the edge of the mat are available upon request and can be used for securing the mats through fixed holes provided. The material is heavy enough to lay flat without the need for adhesive or anchoring and conforms well to curved surfaces without breakage or shifting. The excellent uniform conductivity lends itself well to CMOS handling where low breakdown voltage problems are encountered from minute short duration static charging.

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