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Dissipative Seat Covers
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Dissipative Seat Covers

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Dissipative Seat Covers

GZ's Dissipative Chair Cover turns regular chairs into ESD chairs. It’s one size fits standard sized chairs and covers both seat and chair backs. The cover minimizes triboelectric generation, typically 10’s of kilovolts on standard chairs. The fabric construction allows the fabric to breathe. The back and seat are electrically connected by a drag chain that completes the path to ground.
  • Turn regular chairs into ESD protected chairs
  • One size fits standard sized chairs
  • Covers both seat and chair back
  • Fabric construction is 5.0 oz per square yard - fabric breathes
  • Royal blue color
  • Minimizes triboelectric generation (typically 10's of kilovolts on standard chairs without dissipative chair covers)
  • Drag chain completes path to ESD protected floor
  • Made in America
Grounding resistance:
1 megohm hermetically sealed resistor
Chain Length: 24" long chain with safety resistor in series
Fabric Weight: 5 oz per square yard
Fabric Content: 64% polyester, 34% cotton, and 1% BASF carbon suffused mono-filament nylon
Fabric Color: Royal Blue
Carbon Mono-filament: Conductive at 104, non-flaking and non-sloughing
Surface Resistance of Fabric: 106 - 107 ohms
Static Decay Rate: 5000 volts to 500 volts in less than 0.01 seconds, per FTMS-101C
-Seat: 18" x 20", max diameter 19" nom.
-Back: 15 1/2" x 18 1/2", max diameter 17" nom.

Laundering Instructions:
If need be, this cover can be laundered. Use cool or warm water. Maximum temperature 120 ° F. Do not use bleach, tumble dry on cool.

Installation Instructions:
Attach top part of cover to chair back and bottom part of cover (with grounding chain attached) to chair seat. Make sure cover is fitted, centered, and secured to chair. Secure the ground chain to center post underneath chair with hook and loop and make sure ground chain makes contact with floor. Suggest minimum of 6 inches of contact.

Technical Documents:
» Dissipative Chair Cover Data Sheet
» Non ESD Chair Test WITH ESD Chair
» Non-ESD Chair Test Without ESD Chair

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