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Citrus Chemical

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ZeroStat Citrus

Mult-Purpose Citrus Based Cleaner

Made from one of the most effective cleaning agents ever formed by nature, ZeroStat Citrus quickly and effectively dissolves protein soils, grease, oily residue and soil from virtually any hard surface. With the pleasant fragrance of oranges and grapefruit, this ZeroStat Citrus will resolve most stubborn malodor problems and emulsify built up deposits in drains and greasetraps so they simply rinse away.

ZeroStat Citrus will remove greasy road soil, tar and pine pitch from automotive and hard surfaces, degrease and clean concrete, metal, engines and dissolve many adhesives and remove labels. ZeroStat Citrus is biodegradable and non-corrosive to metals and most hard surfaces
ZS-Citrus-Q ZeroStat Citrus

1 quart

ZS-Citrus-5 ZeroStat Citrus

5 gallon pail

ZS-Citrus-55 ZeroStat Citrus 55 gallon drum
ZS-Citrus-G ZeroStat Citrus 1 gallon

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