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ZeroStat Clean
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ZeroStat Clean

Anti Static General Purpose Cleaner

ZeroStat Clean is specifically designed for use in maintenance programs whose goal is to reduce static electricity build-up and increase the conductivity of surfaces in areas where sensitive electronic components are being used or manufactured. Regular cleaner and detergent compounds destroy the static-dissipating properties of highly specialized conductive floor finishes like ZeroStat Coat, rendering static control maintenance programs ineffective.

ZeroStat-Clean removes dirt and soil while maintaining or increasing the conductivity of ZeroStat Coat, ZeroStat Buff, or ZeroStat Seal. This product is equally effective on vinyl, vinyl-asbestos, rubber, linoleum, ceramic and concrete surfaces. It is environmentally safe, non-corrosive, nonflammable and bio-degradable.

ZS-Clean-Q ZeroStat Clean

1 quart

ZS-Clean-5 ZeroStat Clean

5 gallon pail

ZS-Clean-55 ZeroStat Clean 55 gallon drum
ZS-Clean-G ZeroStat Clean 1 gallon

ZeroStat Clean

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ZeroStat Clean
ZeroStat Buff