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ZeroStat Diamond Coat II
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ZeroStat Diamond Coat II XL

Wear resistant, Static Control Floor Finish for all ESD Conductive Vinyl's.

Unlike typical static control wax, our innovative formulation features an incredibly tough, highly abrasion resistant polymeric blend that actually improves the reduction of tribocharging without significantly altering the electrical resistivity. With superior chemical and water resistance, excellent bond strength to all surfaces (including non PVC) and the best resistance to abrasions and scuff marks in the industry DiamondCoat pays for itself by reducing maintenance cost while restoring the appearance of your floor to a "better than new condition."

Applications are quick and simple, requiring only two coats for optimum results. It can be buffed to a high shine yet still providing slip resistant properties typically better than untreated flooring. exceptional adhesion to all surfaces including non PVC surfaces.

ZS-DIAMONDCOAT II - XL-G ZeroStat Diamond Coat XL 1 gallon
ZS-DIAMONDCOAT II - XL-5 ZeroStat Diamond Coat XL 5 gallon pail
ZS-DIAMONDCOAT II - XL-55 ZeroStat Diamond Coat XL 55 gallon drum
ZS-ZS-DIAMONDCOAT II - XL-Q ZeroStat Diamond Coat XL 1 Quart
electrostatic Decay per EIA 541: 0.1 seconds
Slip Resistance per ASTM-D2047-5: 0.5 min
Percent Solids 22.0 +/- 0.5%
PH 8.0-9.0
Solubility in water 100%
Freeze Thaw Stability 3 cycles
3 cycles yes
Shelf Life 1 year
Flash Point none
Coverage 1,500 to 2000 sf per gallon.
This material is for use on conductive ESD flooring. If the floor has been previously coated with a wax or if floor is dirty, remove contaminants with emulsifying floor stripper such as ZeroStat Floor Stripping Liquid. Buff with pad, double rinse with clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Using clean Rayon mop or wax applicator, apply thin even coats of Diamond Coat allowing finish to dry 2 hours between coats. Two coats are recommended for optimum performance. Buffing is not required between coats unless high luster is desired.

Dry mop floors with a untreated mop daily to remove loose dirt, sand and other abrasives. As needed: damp mop using ZeroStat ESD Floor Cleaner diluted 10:1 to remove soils which can degrade the coatings conductive properties and gloss. Heavily soiled areas and scuff marks can be removed by spray buffing with a 1-1 solution of floor finish to water. If a high shine is required high speed polish with finest pad possible using coarser pads only as needed. For best results consider the use of a propane powered high speed polishing machine.
Diamond Coat works with the floor's existing conductivity and typically adds approximately 1/2 to 1 decade of resistance to conductive flooring. Diamond Coat typically increases the conductivity of flooring that falls within the static dissipative ranges by 1/2 to 1 decade. After treatment (2 coats) all installed flooring materials fell within the original manufacturers specifications for electrical conductivity at 100 Volts.* Our testing confirms a reduction in Tribocharging averaging 14% on seven samples of the most common ESD Flooring. Bond strength on a variety of flooring samples; excellent, scuff resistance; excellent (all samples). Product has low odor, low VOC solvent and safe surfactant system. Does not contain: Glycol Ether, Formaldehyde or Dibutyl Phthalate.


Health: 1
Flammability: 0
Reactivity: 0
Personal Protection: B
UL Listed

Store tightly in cool dry area. Do not mix other floor finishes or add left over product from previous applications
* Note: All ESD floor finishes will modify the resistivity of ESD Flooring materials. This floor finish is more conductive than others we have tested. Expect a slight increase in the resistance values of flooring materials manufactured in the conductive range (<1.0E06). Expect a slight increase in conductivity for flooring manufactured in the static dissipative range (from 1.0E06 to <1.0E09). Expect a decrease in the floors ability to tribocharge. Conductivity of ESD Flooring is affected by ambient conditions such as humidity and temperature as well as grounding methods, substrate conductivity and moisture content. Pre-test to insure that this product falls within compliance if the floor is close to the top limit of your Company's resistive range specifications.

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