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ZeroStat Prepare
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ZeroStat Prepare

Acid Etching Solution

Prepare is a concentrated formulation containing Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid, detergents, and surfactants for use in preparing concrete, terrazzo, and unglazed stone or ceramic tile flooring for coating with water or solvent-based sealers. ZeroStat Prepare's powerful chemical reaction dissolves ground in dust and dirt, opening up the pores in smooth mineral surfaces and insuring proper adhesion characteristics between the flooring and sealer. This treatment can also enhance slip resistance characteristics on particularly smooth masonry or stone surfaces.
ZS-Prepare-Q ZeroStat Prepare

1 quart

ZS-Prepare-5 ZeroStat Prepare

5 gallon pail

ZS-Prepare-55 ZeroStat Prepare 55 gallon drum
ZS-Prepare-G ZeroStat Prepare 1 gallon

Technical Documents:
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ZeroStat Prepare

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ZeroStat Prepare
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