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ZeroStat Seal
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ZeroStat Seal

Anti Static Tile & Hard Surface Sealer/Finish

ZeroStat Seal is a state-of-the-art, sealer/finish with inherent, static-dissipating properties. It is specifically formulated for application in areas where positive elimination of static electricity is required. It is designed for use on resilient tile or other porous surfaces as a base coat for ZeroStat Coat.

It can also be used alone as combination sealer/finish for hard surfaces such as coated or bare concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, or stone. ZeroStat Seal's unique static dissipating ingredient is actively linked to the chemical structure of the polymer system-controlling washout or leaching of the static dissipating properties. Easy maintenance, good gloss, and durability are additional assets of this high-tech, anti-static sealer/finish.

ZS-SEAL-G ZeroStat Seal 1 gallon
ZS-SEAL-5 ZeroStat Seal 5 gallon pail
ZS-SEAL-55 ZeroStat Seal 55 gallon drum
ZS-SEAL-Q ZeroStat Seal 1 Quart
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ZeroStat Seal
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