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ESD Carpet Tile and Rolls

ZeroStat ESD Carpet

A low-maintenance, permanent ESD carpet, with interweaved conductive yarn fibers throughout every yarn bundle that are tufted into a fully-conductive backing material for the utmost in permanent static control performance.

XO-Stat ESD Carpet

Exceeding the stringent ESD dampening specifications of IBM, General Electric, Intel, Western Digital, and Hewlett-Packard, XO-Stat anti-static carpet draws electrostatic potential directly to ground. XO-Stat ESD Carpet uses a unique combination of advanced conductive filaments, blended with a solution of yarn dyed fiber, and is ideal for office environments or sensitive electronic manufacturing.

AZO-Stat ESD Carpet

Designed for extra heavy commercial traffic, AZO-Stat ESD carpet is a truly conductive solution capable of handling heavy loads and aggressive wear situations, while maintaining great looks with very low maintenance.This ESD carpet stands up to both wear and tear and static electricity. It's almost indestructible!
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