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ESD / Static Control Poured Epoxy Flooring: Chemical Resistance
E = Excellent - Continuous exposure for 7 days with nominal weight change.
G = Good - Continuous exposure for 72 hours with nominal weight change.
F = Fair - Continuous exposure for 24 hours with nominal weight change.
OS = Occasional Spillage - Continuous exposure for 8 hours with nominal weight change.
NR = Not Resistant
*Typical Properties: Not To Be Used As Specifications

Chemical resistance ratings of G, F, or OS require the floor to be rinsed with water or the chemical neutralized during or immediately after the time limits. Chemical resistance ratings of NR mean the spill must be cleaned and/or neutralized immediately or permanent chemical attack and damage will occur. The specimens were tested for weight and hardness changes only; staining of the systems will occur with some chemicals. If staining is a concern, contact Garland Floor for specific recommendations.

This is a guide of the chemical resistance of Garland Floors' products to specific chemicals. The combination of specific chemicals will change the Garland Floors' product chemical resistance. A specimen should be tested under actual or simulated conditions. The combination of chemicals requires a written recommendation from the Garland Floor Company.

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