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Static Disspiative Rubber Flooring
esd rubber flooringPresenting the newest design from Ground Zero Rubber Flooring... UltraRock. Finally, the look of Terrazzo with the cushioned comfort of resilient rubber flooring.

From lobbies to lounges, to malls to museums, UltraRocks works anywhere. Made from high-quality, medium and jumbo-sized reprocessed EPDM rubber granules, UltraRocks features five sophisticated color blends in two geometric designs.

And of course, UltraRocks supports the ASTM Sustainability Assessment (ASTM E2129-01), enabling specifiers and designers to celebrate the green properties and sustainability of Ground Zero products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from 100% post-consumer SBR tire rubber & 30% post-industrial EPDM
  • Single-ply, non-laminated
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Outstanding slip-resistance
  • Unbelievable durability
  • Cushioned resilience
  • Stain resistance
  • Consistent color (no wear layer)
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Easy installation/maintenance

Stylish and Environmentally Friendly- Flooring Made from Recycled Tires

Other rubber floors are content to sit it out in the same gyms and weight rooms. But not recycled rubber UltraRock, which goes a lot further.

Using advanced technology, UltraRock rubber flooring are manufactured from recycled tire rubber. The "green," environmentally sound process uses ambient grinding to turn used tires into clean, 100% post-consumer rubber granules - which are triple distilled to eliminate all metal, dirt and fibers.

esd rubberNext, colorful, UV-resistant EPDM flecks, made from 30% post-industrial material are added. Combine both types of granules with a polyurethane, water-based polymer in huge cylinders, and you get "polymerically bound" rubber of a uniform quality and density, neither too soft nor too brittle. Once peeled, it’s ready to roll out. And any scraps go right back into the process - not to a landfill.

But the story isn’t just where UltraRock rubber flooring doesn’t go, it’s where it does - in places where you might not have thought: bank lobbies and boardrooms, laundromats and lunchrooms, malls and museums, even outdoor theme parks.

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