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Weight: 1.5 lbs (.7 kg)
Length: 14.5 Inches (37 cm)
Width: 10 Inches (25 cm)
Height: 2.25 Inches (5.7 cm)

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PED-655 Engineer's Desktop ESD Workstation

Designed for Professional Engineers

Static can be a problem anywhere. It is especially dangerous to new designs and developmental projects. Now, a complete, portable desktop ESD workstation can easily be set up anywhere the engineer is working. Don't be caught unprotected. Use this handy workstation any time you are working on a circuit board, evaluating components or testing prototypes. Set it up at your desk, in the conference room or any temporary workspace. Each workstation is ESD performance tested.

Each PED-655 Workstation includes a PRM-652 12 x 16 inch Auditors Rubber Mat, a PGC-016B 15ft Black Ground cord, a GAP-005 Ground Adapter Plug and a PWS-620 Wrist Strap.The PRM-652 is manufactured from Norastat static dissipative work surface material. Norastat is a dual-layer synthetic rubber surface covering with volume functional static dissipative properties. The mat has two 10 mm ground snaps installed for easy connection to ground using the PGC-016B ground cord supplied.The PGC-016B is a low profile ground connection. Equipped with a 10 mm male snap connection, it easily attaches to a mat ground snap. Within the housing are two female banana connections for wrist strap grounding. The cord is 15 feet long with a standard banana plug for ground connection.The PWS-620 Wrist Strap features a metal wristband that incorporates a patented linking system. It enables you to adjust the strap to fit virtually any wrist size. This unique band comes manufactured in 130mm lengths and can be easily enlarged using one or more of the five 10mm nylon expansion links included. The band is extremely comfortable, as each one is "custom fit" to the user. The wrist strap cord is a heavy duty, lightweight construction of single bundle, laced tensile conductors reinforced with synthetic fibers. The cord incorporates a one megohm (±10%) resistor molded into the snap connection. The ground connection is a standard banana plug.

The GAP-005 STAT-GUARD ground adapter plug is included as a convenient attachment to a functional ground circuit. Its intended operation is to provide an ESD ground path to a previously tested receptacle. It is not intended as an electrical circuit tester or monitor. The STAT-GUARD plug is manufactured by Ideal Industries, Sycamore, Illinois.


Resistance Rtt:
At 10 volts, 12% RH (Rtt) 106 – 108 ohms
At 100 volts, 50% RH (Rtt) 106– 108 ohms

Resistance Rtg:
At 10 volts, 12% RH (Rtg) 2.5x107 ohms
At 100 volts, 50% RH (Rtg) 8.5x106 ohms

Voltage Gradient:
Voltage apparent on the mat surface 5 inches from a discharge point (during electrification to 5,000 volts): Less than 25 volts

Static Decay Time:

5,000 volts to less than 50 volts in .01 seconds

Charge Retention:

Residual voltage: <10 volts
Initial voltage of 5,000 volts dissipated upon contact with installed samples.
Residual voltage after plate lift was <10 volts.


12 x 16 inches

2 mm, lays flat, will not curl, not chip

Grey with low reflecting satin finish to reduce glare

Heat Tolerance:
Withstands frequent contact with hot soldering irons

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