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Static Control Workstation Kits

Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Length: 25.5 Inches (65 cm)
Width: 4.25 Inches (11 cm)
Height: 4.25 Inches (11 cm)

PRM-652 Kit 12 x 16 Inch Auditor's Rubber Mat
12 x 16 inches grey Rubber Mat with green Ground Lead

Miniature version of the 2 x 4 Rubber Mat PRM-650, convenient size to fit in your Prostat® Professional ESD Kit.

NorastatTM is a dual-layer synthetic rubber work surface covering with volume functional static dissipative properties. It may be used as a grounded tablemat, as a non-grounded work mat when placed on a grounded surface, or it may be laminated directly to a workbench in place of rigid laminates.

Noratstat is a unique, high performance worksurface material that uses both volume electrical properties in addition to surface dissipation to protect your static sensitive products. This approach provides exceptional ESD control performance, product protection and flexible application characteristics for a variety of static control challenges.


Resistance Rtt:
At 10 volts, 12% RH (Rtt) 106 & #8211; 108 ohms
At 100 volts, 50% RH (Rtt) 106– 108 ohms

Resistance Rtg:
At 10 volts, 12% RH (Rtg) 2.5x107 ohms
At 100 volts, 50% RH (Rtg) 8.5x106 ohms

Voltage Gradient:
Voltage apparent on the mat surface 5 inches from a discharge point (during electrification to 5,000 volts): Less than 25 volts

Static Decay Time:
5,000 volts to less than 50 volts in .01 seconds

Charge Retention:
Residual voltage: <10 volts
Initial voltage of 5,000 volts dissipated upon contact with installed samples.
Residual voltage after plate lift was <10 volts.

2 x 4 foot (24 x 48 inches)

16 ounces


2 mm (0.2 cm) , lays flat, will not curl, not chip

Grey with low reflecting satin finish to reduce glare

Heat Tolerance:
Withstands frequent contact with hot soldering irons.


PRM-652 Mat
PRM-652 Mat Kit
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