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Static Control and ESD Flooring

ElectraStat ESD Rubber Flooring

Avoid electrostatic discharge and its unforeseeable consequences.

Ideal For:
  • Production and testing areas for electric components (cleanrooms and different classes)

  • Assembly, testing and repair areas for electronic equipment

  • Rooms where electronic equipment is used

  • High-voltage and low-voltage systems and swtichboards

  • Computer Rooms

  • Open office facilities

In industrial enterprises and business establishments floor coverings have to meet a very wide variety of requirements. ElectraStat Rubber Flooring enables you to create a safe and efficient manufacturing environment.

Friction and separation of two materials can cause electrostatic charges of up to 35,000 Volts. But even a charge of 30 Volts can damage or destroy electronic components, if there is a sudden discharge.

This means:

  • The production of electronic components may be seriously impaired.
  • Electronic devices may cause high costs and operational stoppages, due to malfunctions and repairs.
  • In the chemical and pyrotechnical industries, there may even be explosions.
  • Electronically controlled production sequences can be disturbed or interrupted by electrostatic discharges.

Electrostat Rubber Floorings offer protection for electronic components and devices, and protection against explosions triggered by electrostatic discharges.


  • The only light colored, electrically conductive rubber flooring.
  • Static generation less than 10 volts according to ESD STM 97.2 (tested with conductive shoes)
  • Easy to maintain, never needs conductive wax.
  • Resistant to chemicals and hot solder.
  • Reduces explosion risk.
  • Pin-dot alignment may vary from tile to tile.
  • Slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines.
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