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PC/Monitor Static Elimination System

PC Workstation Static Elimination System
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PC Workstation Static Elimination System w/ Ergonomic Mouse/Wrist Pad

Protect your entire PC workstation with this easy-to-install PC Workstation Static Elimination System. Combined with an ergonomic mouse pad and wrist rest, this unit offers total protection from harmful static electricity and user stress on hands and wrists.

Simply place one pad under the keyboard and mouse, then the other under the PC tower then attach the ground cord's #10 eyelet to the center screw of a wall outlet. User induced ESD problems become a thing of the past.
  • Eliminates harmful static electricity that can ruin your PC Workstation.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Special "Jelly Pad" provides comfortable hand rest while working.

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PC/Monitor Static Elimination System
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PC/Monitor Static Elimination System

Another first by Ground Zero Electrostatics! Our patented Static Protection System, manufactured in the USA, eliminates the electrostatic potential from BOTH the monitor and the user on a continual basis. With our unique "seeing is believing" static display technology, easy installation and static elimination so complete this device is perfect for protection of PC's in homes & offices. Used extensively in sensitive electronic manufacturing environments for it's ability to bring electrostatic emissions from monitors to less than 50 Volts (lower than any other device on the market). Get rid of the dust on your monitor forever!


  • Eliminate Static Induced Eye Strain
  • Eliminate Allergy Aggravating Dust
  • Protect Cochlear Implants
  • Improve Picture clarity

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