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ZEROSTAT ESD “Mission Critical” Carpet

ESD Carpet for Technically Advanced Environments
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Whether you have a networked office or high tech electronic manufacturing environment, ZeroStat™ static control carpet tiles and broadloom offers permanent ESD protection for your mission critical and vulnerable application. There are several grades of anti-static, Lov kV rated carpet that merely reduce the electrostatic charge by using a temporary topical anti-static coating. When you choose ZeroStat™ FiberFusion™ technology, you choose forever! Ground Zero has constructed ZeroStat™ extreme service carpeting with advanced proprietary FiberFusion™ technology, which incorporates industrial grade, crush-resistant, solution-dyed nylon designed to outlast the structure of your facility. Engineered and time-tested for high traffic and aggressive wear environments that demand superior resistance to 24/7 use-and-abuse, ZeroStat™ Carpeting is the touchstone for static control carpeting and incorporates an ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified program.

Over-engineered,features redundant heavy 0.44 denier conductive yarn fiber interwoven and twisted throughout every yarn bundle to create infinite permanent contact points in every square inch of finished product. Our design concept at this phase of construction was engineered to unite our advanced ZeroStat™ FiberFusion™ technology with our Comfort-Cushion & UniStat backing systems for enhanced ergonomic comfort and exceptional sound absorption qualities.

Designed and developed by engineers for the technically advanced, Ground Zero’s Carpet premeditated design adopts the (3) primary models: Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) and Charged Device Model (CDM). Using these models as the basis for our overall stringent ESD protective design, ZeroStat™ is guaranteed and reliable protection for every environment and application. So if your program requires a Carpet that meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 “Class 0” ESD criteria, ZeroStat™ is the final word.

ZeroStat™ was born in response to the growing need for advanced protection in our global communications facilities, high-end electronic assembly plants, air traffic control towers and mission critical emergency dispatch centers. Ground Zero has created the world’s finest tactical defense system to dramatically increase productivity and employee comfort, while providing permanent protection to safeguard you ESDS equipment and devices.

Our cost-effective systems provide you and your organization with:

  • Standard 26 oz. Heavy Commercial Face Weight
  • 24/7 Use-and-Abuse Crush Resistant Fiber Technology
  • Adhesive Options Allowing for Installation over Existing Flooring
  • Advanced FiberFusion ™ Technology for Permanent ESD Protection
  • Infinite Electrical Contact Points for the most Demanding Applications
  • Lifetime Protection & Electrical Performance Warranty
  • Concept-to-Completion Design Selection w/ 27 Colors
  • Featured Ergonomic Comfort Cushion Backing System
  • Industries Lowest Body Voltage Generation (BVG) Rating
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 Compliant for Class 0 Device Criteria
  • Full 15 Year Warranty

NOTE: ZeroStat Carpet tiles and broadloom must be installed with recommended adhesives and seam sealers only and grounded in accordance with specifications issued by Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc

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