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DuroStat SMT


DuroStat SMT ESD control vinyl tile and GZ C-2000 conductive adhesive are components of a precision engineered system of advanced static control flooring.   Available in SC (static-conductive) and SD (static-dissipative) our tiles contain proprietary encapsulated conductive elements distributed evenly throughout the tile to provide exceptional , electrically consistent, through-tile-to-ground charge decay.  Unlike other ESD Tiles these encapsulated conductive elements retain their conductivity for life while providing the electrical assurance you can count on in the most demanding of environments.  
Homogenous Vinyl Tile
Homogenous Vinyl Tile cross section, note conductive elements throughout thickness
The performance of this solid vinyl tile is not dependent on wear layers, subsurface layers, internal antistats, or humidity and features a lifetime warranty on electrical conductivity!

Specifications and Other Properties

ITEM Standard test Method ASTM Spec Conductive Tile Static dissipative Tile
resistance Electrical Resistance
-Surface to Surface

-Surface to Ground
ESD S 7.1 (100V)
ASTM F-150 (100V)
NFPA 99 (500V)
DIN 51953 (500V)
2.5 X 104~106 Ω
(SD: 106~109)
2.5 X 104~106

<2.5 X 104~
<2.5 X 104~
 Electrostatic Propensity
(=Static Generation)
ESD STM 97.2
Less than 20 volts
Less than 20 volts
Static decay  Static Decay Federal Test Method 101B Method 4046 at 15% Relative Humidity
 < 0.5 sec
 0.01 sec
0.01 sec
cen CEN Classification DIN EN 685  
Class 34 + 43
composition Composition of Material ASTM F 1700
Certificate of Compliance
thickness Thickness ASTM F 386, DIN EN 428
as specified ±0.005 in. (0.13mm)
1/8", 2mm
nominal Nominal Sizes ASTM F 536, DIN EN 427
±0.016 in./lin. Ft (0.4mm/304.8 mm)
12 x 12", 24 x 24", 36 x 36"
squareness Squareness ASTM F 540
maximum 0.010 in.
(0.25 mm)
indentation Residual Indentation ASTM F1914
DIN EN 433
average less than 8%,
max. single reading 10%
< 7%
flexibility Flexibility ASTM F 137
no crack or break
No crack or break
stability Dimensional Stability ASTM Fed. Std. No. 501a
Method 6211, DIN EN 434
(0.51 mm/304.8 mm)
resistance Resistance to Chemicals ASTM F 925
DIN EN 423
No more than a slight change in surface dulling, surface attack or staining
no more than a slight change in surface dulling, surface attack, or staining
resistance Resistance to Heat ASTM F 1514
∆<8 ave., max
light Resistance to Light ASTM F 1515
∆E<8 ave., max
static load Static Load Limit Modified ASTM F 970-00
2,500 psi
smoke Smoke Density ASTM E 662
flame Flame Spread ASTM E 84, NFPA 225
fire Fire Resistance DIN 4102  
Critical Radiant Flux ASTM E 648, NFPA 253  
>1.08 W/cm2(class I Interior Floor Finish, NFPA Life Safety code 101)
abrasion  Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 1044,
CS-10-F Wheel,
500Gm Weight
% Gauge Loss
 Resistance to Wear DIN EN 660-1  
castor Effect of Castor Chair DIN En 425  
No Damage
color  Color Fastness ISO 105 B02  
At least 6
health care Standard for Health Care Faculties NFPA 99  
Confirms to the requirements of NFPA 99 in effect at the time of installation
requirements Fulfils product requirements DIN EN 649  
UL Underwriters Laboratories UL 779  
Meets UL Standard
  Free from defects in Workmanship and materials*    
Ten Years
conductivity Conductivity*  
*DuroStat ESD Control Vinyl Tile's Exclusive warranty is valid only when tile is installed with Ground Zero's GZ-C2000 Adhesive

Facility Testing

Information below shows our actual "real life" test results after installation at two Facilities (both approximately 70,000 sq/ft each) in separate parts of the Country (one in Mexico, one in California). Testing was performed in accordance with industry accepted standards of EOS ESD 7.1. These floors were installed "on grade" and on cement. Further, the floors were grounded utilizing the advanced parameters shown in How to Ground your new ESD Floor. Your results may vary due to substrate, substrate conditions and environmental conditions prevalent at the testing location.
*Tested at a relative humidity > 30%.

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The DuroStat SMT Difference

  • Excellent Shine and aesthetics
  • Low to no maintenance (no wax)
  • Premier anti-scuff properties
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Options in conductivity
  • Options in size, thickness and shine
  • Conductive adhesive at NO charge on large volume orders.

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