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ZEROSTAT Series NS 2500 Conductive/LS 1500 Dissipative
High Performance ESD Vinyl Floor Tile

FEATURES AND BENEFITSesd vinyl flooring:

Permanent Conductive / Dissipative Properties
Zerostat has permanent conductive / dissipative properties through a specially developed binder system for consistent performance year in and year out.

Zerostat has a compact, poreless surface, which resists heavy rolling loads making it ideal for even the most rugged applications.

Dimensionally Stable
Zerostat is dimensionally stable due to very low plasticizer and exceptionally high vinyl content. The final appearance is a beautifully monolithic floor, easily installed from a tile product.

DOP-Free/No Carbon Contamination
Zerostat has no harmful outgassing, perfect for clean room applications, and has never been identified as a source for carbon contamination.

Stain Resistant
Zerostat is extremely stain resistant, with most stains being removed by light sanding. This preserves the appearance of the product for an extremely long life.

Zerostat is offered in 26 colors, the most extensive and modern color range available in the ESD flooring industry. Its compact surface appearance creates expressive design opportunities to make your workplace functional, comfortable and attractive.

Easy to Install
Zerostat has "UniGrid" on the back of the tile for ease of installation and consistency of resistance readings.

Easy to Maintain
Zerostat can be maintained with abrasive techniques and cost effective "dry" maintenance systems, making it an outstanding option for life cycle costs of a floor.

Heat Weldable
Zerostat can be made watertight and hygienic by using Zerostat welding rod into the routed seams.
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