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EURO-STAT Static Control Solid ESD Vinyl Sheet or ESD Tile Flooring

ESD conductive vinyl tile

ESD conductive EuroStat is a simi-glossy permanently ESD conductive solid vinyl industrial flooring product.

Roll goods may be used as mats or may be permanently glued. Tiles must be glued down. The material is manufactured as co-extruded 4'6" x 66' x 2.5mm (.1" gauge) sheet or as 24" x 24" x 2.0mm (.080"gauge) tile with a hard vinyl wear layer and a flexible vinyl supporting layer in a semi-glossy finish. Installations must be made with GZ-C2000 conductive water based acrylic adhesive. Seams of glue down roll goods must be heat welded. Welding is optional for tiles whenever ordinary, non-wet maintenance conditions prevail, and welding is not specified. GZ-Relesable Adhesive System self stick full surface textile reinforced adhesive may be used when installing ESD conductive euro-stat vinyl sheet or vinyl tiles. And can be laid directly onto existing glue-down carpet, vinyl, structurally sound VAT, epoxy, asbestos, PVC, linoleum, stone, steel, concrete, particle board or wooden surfaces without removal of existing flooring.

With GZ-URAS, no stripping, scraping, filling, or application of liquid adhesives are necessary, resulting in substantial reduction of down time and labor costs. Furthermore, the existing flooring serves as an underlay, effectively deadens noise, and provides anti-fatigue properties, while the new flooring is easily removed, relocated or repaired. GZ-URAS allows end user tax advantages and leased facility flexibility as new materials are removable personal property. Perfect for raised access floors, access is guaranteed at any time.


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