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Item Number:
BM-ESV-36-803SD - Blue

Special Price:
$4.25 / Square Foot

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ElectraStat PU

3-LAYER Vinyl ESD Flooring
Ultimate static safe work surface for electronic assembly areas.

The electrostatic build up of any floor that has a heavy leverage of electronic equipments can be negated to its maximum effect through this flooring. From computer server rooms to operation theatre floors this polymer ranks high on endurance.
  • Color: Blue
  • Polyurethane Reinforced
  • Negates electrostatic energy
  • Economical, low maintenance
  • Best suited for high-tension grounds.
  • Special Price: $4.25 per square foot
  • In Stock: 23,700 square feet (79 Full Rolls)
  • BUY NOW: Call 877-463-9376 or email


Thickness: EN 428 2.0mm
Sheet: EN 426 2.0mm - 2mm x 15m =30m2

General Performance:

EN 685: 1996
EN 649: 1997

EN13501-1 Class Bfl-S1
EN ISO 9239-1 > 8kw/m2
EN ISO 11925-2 Pass
ASTM E648-06 Type 1

Slip Resistance:
EN 13893 Class DS
DIN 51130 R9

Residual Indentation:
EN 433 <0.01 MM
ASTM F970 Static load 800i

Wear Layer thickness:
EN429 2.0 MM

(Body Voltage)
EN 1815 <2.0Kv

Stain and chemical resistance
EN 423 Good Resistance

smoke density:

ASTM E 662-05 <450

Does not favor growth

EN 435 <20mm
ASTM F137 Pass

abrasion resistance:
EN 660-2 Wear Group P
ASTM D3384 Pass

Light Fastness:
EN 20105: B02 > Blue Wool Standard 6

Castor Chair:
EN 425 Continuous Use

Dimensional stability:
EN 434 <0.4 mm

Electrical Resistance:

EN 1081 <108 Ω

Maritime Usage:
US Coast Guard Approved
Marine Equipment Directive
IMO RES A 653 (16)
IMO MSC 61(67)
Annex 1 Part 2 (Smoke & Toxicity)
(Surface Flammability) / Heat Release)


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