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Vinyl ESD Matting
Item Number:
BM-CC (L x W) - Blue or Gray

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3 Layer Vinyl ESD MattingAsk about custom Logos!

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» Table and Floor at Samples
» ESD Matting Data Sheet

Comfort Cushion

3-LAYER Vinyl ESD Matting

Excellent ESD elimination for all sensitive areas

  • Excellent mechanical and electrical performance
  • Static-dissipative top layer
  • Conductive scrim center layer
  • Foamed dissipative vinyl bottom layer
  • Skid resistant, soft, durable and easily cleaned
  • Meets or exceeds: EIA 625, MIL-HDBK-263 and MIL-STD-1686
Rolls 30" x 50'
  2' x 50'
  3' x 50'
  4' x 50'

Also available in 100' rolls Custom and precuts available

PTP: <5.5 X 107 @ 10 Volts per EOS / ESD 4.1
RTG: <5.5 X 107 @ 10 Volts per EOS / ESD 4.1
Surface Resistivity: < 109 per EOS / ESD S11.11

Conditioning: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 230C +/- 10C for 24 Hours
Test conducted @: 50% RH +/- 2% @ 230C +/- 10C.
Test results = Time, seconds to decay to 10% of initial charge
Results: <2.0 seconds

Thickness: 1/8"
Note: All custom and precut mats are cut within + or - .125".
Optional: Comfort Cushion Elite - 1/4" and Comfort Cushion Elite Plus - 3/8"
Colors: Blue or Gray
Available in custom cut or roll form
Contact Ground Zero for full details and specifications
1-877-GND-ZERO (463-9376)

About Ground Zero's ESD and Static Control Table Matting
ESD mats for work bench tops and tables are a dependable method of controlling static, but don't get fooled. All mats DO NOT perform the same. Some fade with use, some just aren't conductive enough (or too conductive) to pass critical audits. ALL of our custom cuts and roll goods are checked prior to shipment to your facility. EACH & EVERY custom cut mat is tested to the latest standards and comes with a certification to help with your ISO needs. READY to go to work in your environment with professional looks, heavy duty grounding hardware and complete certified confidence.

At Ground Zero your needs count! We offer a full selection of ESD mat materials for use in bench top coverings and flooring runners. Available in both Bulk Form (rolls) or Custom Cut ESD matting that meets your size requirements. Our "custom cuts" can be shipped with or without grounding hardware or peel-and-stick adhesive (so your mats won't slide around) and can be configured with our static control constant monitors. But best of all no wasted material, hassles or cut fingers.

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Comfort Cushion
Comfort Cushion Elite