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Terminus 2"

Part Number:
WS-4419L ESD GROUNDING Terminus 2" long

Part Number:
WS 4431 ESD GROUNDING Installation Carbide Drill Bit (REQUIRED)
ESD GROUNDING Installation Carbide Drill Bit
ESD Laminate Grounding Terminals

The solid brass ESD GROUNDING Terminus is designed to insure an intimate, permanent and reliable ESD GROUNDING connection between the ESD Protective Work Surface and earth ground.

The ESD GROUNDING Terminus is machined from a single piece of solid brass. It has a 1" diameter countersunk head with a sharply serrated angle which draws into the conductive layer of the laminate. This coupled with an easily applied conductive bonding agent provides a sure ESD GROUNDING connection to the laminate.

The ESD GROUNDING Terminus has a heavy duty 3/8" OD shaft, complete with a 3/8-24 nut, washer and lock washer to insure a secure ESD GROUNDING Installation. An industrial 3/8" ring terminal can be attached to the large shaft or a smaller terminal can be connected to the 10-32 screw at the bottom of the ESD GROUNDING Terminus. Installation of the Terminus (WS-4419L) requires installation tool WS-4431.

No heat gun is required. All drilling is done from above with no need to invert the work surface.

Part Number:
WS-4419 ESD GROUNDING Terminus 7/8" long
WS-4419 ESD GROUNDING Terminus

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