Liquidation Sale - Static Control and ESD Products at Reduced Prices

ESD / Static Control Carpet

Static Control and ESD Carpet at closeout prices.

ESD Vinyl Floor Tile

Static Control and ESD Vinyl Tile at closeout prices.

Textured ESD Rubber Tile

Ground Zero's textured rubber tile line is one of our most versatile.

Heel Straps / Grounders

Foot / Heel Grounders for Static Protection for all work areas.

Clear Anti Static Tape

Clear Anti Static tape is designed for general applications in static free workstations.

Gray Anti Static High Temperature Tape

Designed for high temperature masking applications.

ESD Dri-Label

For use with dry packaging applications.

Push and Clinch Snap

Push and clinch installation, ideal for multi-layer mats with a conductive layer.

ESD Attachments and Adapters

Various ESD compatible/interchangeable Attachments and Adapters.

2" Tape Dispenser

Heavy dispenser with metal frame and nonslip rubber facing on the bottom.

Nest Tray Tote

NestTray® material is highly reusable and recyclable.

ZeroStat IC Shippers

ZeroStat Shippers are static shielding shippers for sensitive electronic components.

Conductive Ultra Stackable Bins and Dividers

Bins are permanently conductive and are unaffected by washing with normal cleaners.

Conductive Shelf Bins

Bins are permanently conductive and are unaffected by washing with normal cleaners.

ZeroPak Shippers

Acceptable at static safe workstations.

Conductive / Dissipative Hinged Boxes

Ideal for shipping and long term storage of ESD sensitive devices.

ZeroStat In-plant Handlers

Tremendous cost savings opportunity for the movement of circuit boards.

ZeroStat Bins

Vacuum formed from sheets of High Density Polyethylene these are impervious to oils, most chemicals, rot, solvents, and temperature extremes.

Wrist Straps

Elastic, Adjustable anti static grounding straps protect your valuable electronics.

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