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ION-8000 Ionization Air Gun

ion air gunThe ION-8000 Ionization Air Gun puts high pressure low volume ionized air at your fingertips, by inductively coupling a high intensity ionizing nozzle to a durable lightweight aluminum air gun. The ION-8000 makes it easy to solve static electricity problems by delivering ionization to hard to reach spots or across irregular areas.

An ideal cleaning tool , the ION-8000 first neutralizes the static electricity holding contaminants on small parts and then scours the surface clean with a blast of high pressure air. A real problem solver in applications where cleanliness is critical.


  • The standard H.V. cable between the gun and the power supply is 10 feet long.
  • Every ION-8000 incorporates 1/4 inch NPT Air Connection to accommodate the compressed air coupling of your choice.
  • RFI Shielded Cable is available upon request.
Air Supply: 30 P.S.I. ( 80 P.S.I. Max.) Clean, Dry Air
Air Delivery: On / Off with Trigger Control
Air Gun Body: Plastic
Ionizing Body: Plastic with an Aluminum Tip
Recommended Power Supply: ION- 5000
Power Cable: 10 feet between Power

Supply and Gun
Input Power: 115 VAC 50/60 HZ. ( others upon request)


Less than 10 OZ.

  • Wide Parts Blow Off Attachment
  • Power Supply

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ION-8000 Power Supply (Included)
ION-8000 Power Supply (Included)

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Technical Documents:
» ION-8000 Data Sheet

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