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AirForce Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Ion-6115

The Ion-6115 was designed with the operator in mind. The Ion-6115 lightweight, flexible airhose—just 3/8" in diameter—moves with the operator and makes work easier. No high voltage cable means improved operator safety. The gun’s ergonomic design—with a light touch trigger and easy-view LED —minimizes fatigue and eliminates wrist hyperextension. The compact console can be mounted anywhere, so it doesn’t take up valuable workspace but is still easily accessible. To make the work environment more pleasant, the Ion-6115 also features low audible noise.

Strong blow-off power makes the Ion-6115 effective in removing particle contamination. Steady-state DC ion emission provides efficient ionization with an average discharge time of less than 1.0 second. Results are even better because Ion Systems’ patented IsoStat technology means static charge is controlled with constantly balanced ionization.

• Ergonomic gun design
• Flexible, lightweight air hose/low voltage power cable
• Replaceable emitter point assembly and quick-eject filter
• Strong blow-off force
• Steady-state DC ion emission
• IsoStat® technology
• Durable static-dissipative materials

• Reduces fatigue and wrist hyperextension
• Moves with operator and does not interfere with work
• Minimizes maintenance downtime
• Effective removal of particle contamination
• Fast discharge times; efficient ion delivery
• Intrinsically balanced; no calibration needed
• Holds up to high impact; ESD-safe


Audible Noise 70 dBA at @ 1 m, 30 psi
Conducted EMI 29 dbµV; Average level 100 KHz to 1.1 MHz
Ozone <0.005 ppm (24-hour accumulation); conforms to OSHA requirements
Blow-off Force 41 grams at 30 psi; measured at 3" from a 2" diameter target
Discharge time <_1.0 seconds at 6", 30 psi
Balance ±30 volts
Warranty 2-year limited warranty
Certifications ce UL
Construction Static-dissipative polycarbonate
Ion Indicator Green LED indicator
Ion Emission Type
Steady-state DC
Emitter Points Machined titanium; field-replaceable
Air Hose Static-dissipative polyurethane, 3/8" outside diameter; 7' (213.4 cm)/65 psi
Gun Hanger 302 stainless steel; optional mounting stand for hands-free operation
Dimensions 8.0"L x 3.0"W x 1.0"D
Weight 12 oz. (341 g) with 7' air hose
Construction Static-dissipative polycarbonate
Power Requirement
24 VAC, <_ 10 watts powered from wall transformer
Power Indicator
Green LED
Gas Input 20-65 psi, Clean Dry Air or Nitrogen
Gas Connection
1/4" Male Industrial Interchange quick disconnect
Air Filter 99.9% efficient, 0.1 micron or larger
Mounting Metal Mounting plate attaches to back of unit
Dimensions 8.5" x 3.0"W x 1.6"D (21.6 x 7.6 x 4.1 cm)
Weight 11.5 oz. (326 g)
Input Options 120 VAC,50/60 Hz, 32 watts; alternate transformer available for 100 VAC and 230 VAC operation
Cabling 10' cable with RJ-11 connectors; custom lengths available
3.2"H x 2.6"W x 1.9"D (8.1 x 6.6 x 4.8 cm)
AirForce Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Ion-6115
Item Number:
AirForce Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Ion-6115 The Ion-6115 is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use. With strong blow-off power the AirForce is effective in removing particle contamination.
Patented IsoStat Technology
The Ion-6115's patented IsoStat technology guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization and eliminates complicated feedback circuits. Ionizers incorporating this technology never need calibration and require very little maintenance. IsoStat is based on a law of physics, Conservation of Charge, which states that charge cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. By isolating the ionizer’s emitter points from ground, IsoStat ensures equal numbers of positive and negative ions to better protect sensitive products.
High Reliability
Patented IsoStat technology makes The Ion-6115's blowers the most reliable ionizers available. IsoStat enables them to operate without grounding wires or cables and still maintain ionizer balance. The Ion-6115's internal emitter points are electrostatically shielded to eliminate field-induced charging. Steady-state DC ion emission provides fast discharge with low airflow, for greater operator comfort.

Technical Documents:
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» Ion-6115 Manual

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