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Mighty Mouth ESD Vacuum Cleaner

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Mighty Mouth Vacuum Cleaner (Non-ESD)

Powerful - Dual Motors
Picks Up Dust & Soot
Picks Up Paper Clips & Shavings
Picks Up Pencils & Tags
Picks Up Nails & Screws
Even Picks Up Magic Markers!

Huge 14” “Mighty Mouth” Filter Bag Safely
Contains All Debris
Easy to Change Filter Bags and Exhaust Filters
HEPA Filter Bag Option
Minimal Handle Weight With “Soft Touch” Maneuverability

Easy To Use…
4 Wheels for Easy Maneuverability
Adjust to go under Beds/Furniture/Machinery
Telescopic Handle - Ten Positions
Automatic Shut Off and Filter Full Indicator

Lifetime Warranty on Brush Drive Belt
1,000 Hour Motor Life

Large Debris Pick Up
Easy Bag Replacement
Easy Brush Removal
Large Debris Pick Up
Easy Bag Replacement
Easy Brush Removal

Other Features:

  • Machine turns on when handle is released from storage (upright) position for simplicity; shuts off when handle is placed in upright (storage) position.
  • Three-stage filtration means maximum cleaning effectiveness
  • Full-bag indicator light alerts operator to replace the bag to help assure maximum suction power.
  • Lower profile and easily lowered handle makes cleaning under beds, chairs and desks easy and efficient.
  • Brush drive motor shuts off automatically when brush becomes obstructed to prevent damage.
  • Quick-release cord wrap keeps cord stored neatly, easily, out of the way.
  • Three brush height settings adapts cleaning power for all types of carpets.
  • Non-marking cord can be easily replaced when just one screw is removed

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