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Anti-Static Storage, Simms Handlers, Shippers, Clamshells, Foam, Anti-static Bags, Coats, Aprons, Gloves, Shoe Covers, Desiccants, Humidity Indicator Cards

RoHS Storage ESD Polyurethane and Polyethylene Foam ESD Shielding Bags, Barrier Bags, Nylon Bags, Tyvek Bags

Desiccants, Humidity Indicator Cards, Bag Sealers, ESD Trash Recepticles Clean Room Products - Hand Soap, ESD Vacuum Cleaners, Gloves, Finger cots, Bouffant Caps, Sticky Mats, Shoe Covers Apparel and Clothing - Lab Coats, Tech Coats, Aprons, Site Wear

There is no area where Ground Zero’s ESD / Anti-Static Shielding technology can’t protect your hardware, Workstations and Clean Rooms from the devastating effects of ESD. Ground Zero offers a full range of Conductive Storage Bins, ESD Trays, Dissipative Totes, Conductive Handlers, Anti-Static Foams, Static Shielding Bags, Static Moisture Barrier Bags, ESD Lab Coats, Clean Room Gloves, Anti-Static Tapes, Desiccants and Humidity Indicator Cards will Shield your work areas and personnel from harmful effects of ESD. Even further, we supply static control sheet protectors, ESD paper, binders, cart covers, trash recepticles for total static protection.

If you have any questions about any static control issues, give us a call at 1-877-GND-ZERO (463-9376) or email us at