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SB 2000 Series Metalized Barrier Bag
Item Number
SB-2000 (W" x L")

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SB 2000 Series Metalized Barrier Bag

Material Structure
Multiple layers of metallized polyester provide puncture resistance and moisture barrier for this economical dry package. This highly reliable material meets or exceeds MVTR and EMI/RFI/Static Shielding requirements of EIA 583, Type I for static safe, moisture barrier packaging.
Material Structure

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SB 2000 Series Metalized Barrier Bag

By becoming the first to meet the requirements of the SB-2000 Moisture Barrier Bag technology has reset the standard for dry packaging. The SB-2000 bag replaces costly nylon /foil laminates with metalized polyester and offers the strongest price/performance relationship in the dry packaging of moisture sensitive devices. The SB-2000 bag also provides full protection from ESD, static fields and turbocharging.


  • Strong, light weight; suitable for vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing
  • Meets the electrical and physical requirements of EIA 583, EIA 541, EIA 625 Type I
  • Static safe; dissipative inner and outer surfaces
  • Amine free, passes outgassing and corrosion tests
  • Used for packaging SMD's in trays, shipping tubes, and tape and reel
  • Printed with ESD and Moisture warning symbols
  • Date and lot coded for QC traceability
MVTR(g/ hrs)
<.02 (ASTM F 1249)
Puncture Resistance
>20 lb (FTMS 101 MTH 2065)
3.6 mils (SCC 008)
Tensile Strength
>40 lb (ASTM D882)
Seam Strength Pass
Surface Resistivity

<1012 ohms/sq (ASTM D 257)
100 ohms
<1012 ohms/sq (ASTM D 257)

Static Shielding

< 20 volts (EIA 541)/td>
EMI Attenuation
45 dB
Static Decay
<0.03 seconds (FTMS101
MTH 4046)
Non-corrosive Pass
(FTMS 101 MTH 3005)
Outgassing Pass (ASTM E595)

Dri-Shield 2000 TM Standard Sizes
(All Bag Sizes are Inside Dimensions in Inches)
W x L W x L W x L W x L
3x5 6x8 10x12 14x30
4x6 6x24 10x20 15x18
4x24 6x30 10x24 16x18
5x30 8x10 10x30 17x19

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