ZeroStat Coat Floor Finish

Extended Electrical Testing By Ground Zero

Overview:  This report documents a series of test designed to verify the electrical properties of ZeroStat Coat Floor Finish to Conform to Standards as issued by our manufacturer, further, this report presents the Approved Certification of Electrical Conductivity for the aforementioned Material.

Introduction:  Over 40 multiple electrical resistivity readings were taken by Mr. S.R. Clark on a standard Plexiglas sheet, measuring 3' X 3' (.250 thick). Plexiglas was chosen for it's highly insulative quality.  Test One and Two represent standard EOS-ESD 7.1 RTG and PTP readings prior to coating with ZeroStat Stat Coat ESD Floor Finish. Test Three and Four represent standard EOS-ESD 7.1 RTG and PTP readings after coating with ZeroStat ESD Floor Finish.

Specimen Treatment: Said Plexiglas Sheet was treated with three thin coats of ZeroStat Coat Floor Finish, applied with a clean standard mop. Coats were allowed to Dry approximately 30 minutes between applications. Entire assembly was further allowed to cure overnight prior to testing @ 71.9° F and 28.7% Relative Humidity. It should be noted that ZeroStat Coat is a metal free, aqueous co-polymer for use on asphalt, rubber, vinyl composition, linoleum, sealed or painted wood and cement.  Due to it's composition I do not believe ZeroStat Coat to be humidity dependant relative to it's ability to conduct an electrostatic charge.

Testing Conditions: 71.9° F and 28.7% Relative The following testing was performed in accordance with industry accepted standards of EOS-ESD 7.1. Equipment interpreting reading consisted of a Prostat PRS-801 (S.N. # 4990047) precision resistance instrument operated by a programmed microprocessor controlling voltage selection, electrification periods and display functions. Data from testing procedures were subsequently stored in non-volatile memory for transferal to Notebook Computer. Accuracy of readings at this range (with selected cables and electrodes utilized for this test) are +/- 2%. Original Calibration of Testing System was performed by said manufacturer on 8/25/99 and in accordance with NCSL Z540, traceable through reference standards maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), by comparison to natural physical constants or self-calibrating ratio type measurements.

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