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Grounding ESD, Condcutive, Dissipative and ESD Table and Bench Matting and Mats
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Anti Fatigue Matting with Static Control / Conductive / Dissipative Properties


Ideal for ESD floor mating for ESDS (Electro Static Discharge Sensitive) components and devices in the static free work environments.

Tough One!

Static Control Vinyl Matting Embossed Homogenous Solid Vinyl

Anti-Fatigue II

Static Dissipative Vinyl Matting Ergonomic, comfortable foamed Vinyl Reliable, dependable discharge

No Slip II

ESD Vinyl Matting Corrugated Slip Resistant Vinyl

Switchboard Matting

ESD Switchboard Matting Available in Corrugated, Smooth Top or Diamond finishes Insulative, Oil Resistant
About Ground Zero's Static Contro and l ESD Floor Matting
ESD (static control) floor mats for your electronic assembly area are an effective method of controlling electrostatic discharge as well as conforming to the latest recommendations of EOS /ESD 2020.

At Ground Zero your needs count! We offer a full selection of static control matting materials for use as flooring runners and table top mats. Available in both Bulk Form (rolls) or Custom Cut floor mats that meet your size requirements. Our "custom cuts" can be shipped with or without grounding hardware or peel-and-stick adhesive (so your mats won't slide around) and can be configured with our static control constant monitors. But best of all no wasted material, hassles or cut fingers.
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Ultra Duty

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