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05 Dec

Using an ESD Chair when already protected

Q: Is it necessary to use an ESD Chair when the humany body is already grounded through a Wrist Strap, Footwear or Heel Strap when working in an EPA?

A: I think it’s a great idea.  I can be sitting at a workstation with an ESD flooring system, have a wrist strap on and when I get out of my chair, not generate more than 50 volts.  I may not generate more than 5 volts.  But what if I take my wrist strap off and jump out of my chair?  I can easily generate 100’s of volts.  Oh, by the way, jumping should not be allowed in an EPA.  If you have great ESD shoes or sole grounders and you keep at least one foot firmly planted on the ground at all times, then maybe your ESD chair is redundant, but still an added piece to the chain in your EPA system.