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05 Dec

What does ASTM F2413-05 compliant mean?

Q: What does ASTM F2413-05 compliant mean?

A: I’ve got the document from the American Society for Testing and Material Standards (ASTM) in front of me now.

They sent me a copyrighted document on June 2nd of 2005.

It’s significance and use section is pretty encompassing;

  1. This specification contains requirements to evaluate the performance of footwear for the following:
    1. Impact resistance for the toe area of footwear.
    2. Compression resistance for the toe area of footwear.
    3. Metatarsal protection that reduces the chance of injury to the metatarsal bones at the top of the foot.
    4. Conductive properties which reduce hazards that may result from static electricity buildup, and reduce the possibility of ignition of explosives and volatile chemicals.
    5. Electric shock resistance.
    6. Static Dissipative (SD) properties to reduce hazards due to excessively low footwear resistance that may exist where SD footwear is required.
    7. Puncture resistance of footwear bottoms.
    8. Chain saw cut resistance, and
    9. Dielectric insulation.

There’s a section in there that describes Performance Requirements and Workmanship, Hazard Assessment, Labeling and Identification, Marking and Compliance Requirements, and Keywords.

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