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GZ-C2000 R Releaseable Adhesive System

GZ C2000-R is a high quality acrylic emulsion that combines the excellent performance of a pressure sensitive adhesive with environmental safety characteristics. The GZ C2000-R gives "Total Adhesive Performance". It is non-flammable, non-hazardous and water resistant. It provides a strong, long lasting bond. GZ C2000-R is designed for the installation of dimensional stable vinyl-backed carpet tiles in a release application. This adhesive can also be used to install approved cushions to recommended substrates in a double glue down applications and solid vinyl/vinyl tile (12" x 12" maximum) in a "tile over tile" installation. Due to its pressure sensitive characteristics, GZ C2000-R eliminates concern about installing a non-porous backed floor covering over a non-porous substrate. This adhesive contains no hazardous or carcinogenic ingredients as defined by OSHA, Federal, State or Local regulations such as California Prop 65, GZ C2000-R meets all flammability requirements for a Class A Flame Spread Rating as per ASTM E-84.


  • Non-hazardous

  • Excellent Coverage

  • Freeze Thaw Stable

  • Excellent plasticizer resistance

  • Non-flammable

  • Solent-Free


Coverage: 270 sq. ft. on bare concrete
Boiling Point: (°F): 212
  Specific Gravity (WATER = I): 1.1
Vapor Pressure: Same as water.
Vapor Density (air=l): Same as water.
Volatile by Weight: 43
pH: 8.2
Appearance and Odor: Gray paste with little or no odor and with black or brown colored fibers.
Grams Volatile Organic Compunds/Liter of Coating: 0 (Based on no solvent.)
Grams Volatile Organic Compounds/Liter of Material: 0 (Based on no solvent.)

GZ-C2000-R-1 1 GALLON
GZ-C2000-R-4 4 GALLON
Technical Documents:
» GZ C2000 R Instructions for Use
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