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Grounded Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests

Colors :(From Left to Right) Red, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, Burgundy, Forest Green, White, Navy Blue

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Another first by Ground Zero Electrostatics! The perfect accessories for protecting your mouse and keyboard from static electricity. The interactive mouse pad and wrist rest are designed specifically to be used with our patented FST computer static elimination system.

  • Easily installed, connects in seconds.
  • Mouse pad & wrist rest sold separately.
  • Printed with the Ground Zero Logo with contact information.
  • Available in a variety of colors: White, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Forest Green, Gray, Burgundy
Mouse Pad Item Number: Wrist Rest Item Number:
MP-1 W (White)
MP-2 R (Red)
MP-3 NB (Navy Blue)
MP-4 RB (Royal Blue)
MP-5 BK (Black)
MP-6 FG (Forest Green)
MP-7 GR (Gray)
MP-8 BUR (Burgundy)
WR-1 W (White)
WR-2 R (Red)
WR-3 NB (Navy Blue)
WR-4 RB (Royal Blue)
WR-5 BK (Black)
WR-6 FG (Forest Green)
WR-7 GR (Gray)
WR-8 BUR (Burgundy)

Mousepad Quality

Our most popular mouse pad is our white fabric top with the genuine black rubber (not foam) base. Excellent for dye sublimation, transfer printing and silk screening. The fabric top is made of a superior bright white polyester material and it does not have a noticeable weave pattern. Therefore, your image will show the highest resolution giving you maximum detail, richer color and a smoother look.

The tracking on the surface of our mouse pad is excellent with any mouse.side view The base of our mouse pads are made of genuine natural rubber with an anti skid bottom. This mouse pad is commercial quality!

  • Genuine rubber base.
  • Superior bright white polyester cloth top gives you the highest resolution print.
  • Ultra smooth surface that locks in the sharpest details of your print.
  • High traction surface that works great with any mouse.

Technical Documents:
» Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest Data Sheet

PC Workstation Static Elimination System
Item Number:

PC Workstation Static Elimination System w/ Ergonomic Mouse / Wrist Pad

Protect your entire PC workstation with this easy-to-install PC Workstation Static Elimination System. Combined with an ergonomic mouse pad and wrist rest, this unit offers total protection from harmful static electricity and user stress on hands and wrists.

Simply place one pad under the keyboard and mouse, then the other under the PC tower then attach the ground cord's #10 eyelet to the center screw of a wall outlet. User induced ESD problems become a thing of the past.
  • Eliminates harmful static electricity that can ruin your PC Workstation.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Special "Jelly Pad" provides comfortable hand rest while working.

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