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Static Control and ESD Flooring

UltraDuty II ESD Rubber Flooring

Static Dissipative Rubber Flooring

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control centerUltraDuty II ESD Rubber Flooring combines the highest quality recycled SBR tire rubber and colorful reprocessed EPDM fleck to give the flooring a "blacklight" or glowing effect. These colors give off a radioactive look that burns all the old rules of flooring.

UltraDuty II is not only dazzling but has electrostatic dissipative properties that protect computers and electronic equipment from discharges that instantly corrupts valuable data and damages your hardware.

UltraDuty II ESD Rubber Flooring is the ultimate of high-tech flooring - with durability, comfort, and slip-resistance that'll grab you and protect your valuable hardware and equipment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Compiles with ASTM Sustainability Assessment
  • Electronic Dissipative
  • Single-ply, non-laminated
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Outstanding slip-resistance
  • Unbelievable durability

  • Cushioned resilience
  • Stain resistanceConsistent color (no wear layer)
  • Low VOC emissionsCustom Colors
  • Logo/graphic Inlays
  • Easy Installation/maintenance
  • Available in rolls or tiles
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    used tiresOther rubber floors are content to sit it out in the same gyms and weight rooms. But not recycled rubber UltraDuty II, which goes a lot further.

    Using advanced technology, UltraDuty II ESD rubber flooring is manufactured from recycled tire rubber. The "green," environmentally sound process uses ambient grinding to turn used tires into clean, 100% post-consumer rubber granules - which are triple distilled to eliminate all metal, dirt and fibers.

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