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AZO-STAT Conductive "Extreme Service" ESD Carpet

For Industrial Traffic Environments

Esd Carpet AZO Stat


  • Meets ANSI/ESD S 20.20 Recommendations; EOS/ESD S 7.1 Guidelines
  • Exceptional ESD performance.
  • Fully conductive backing.
  • Lowest charge generation of any material we have tested.
  • Outstanding Ergonomic comfort.
  • Low Maintenance and pleasing ergonomic comfort to boost productivity.
  • Excellent sound absorption ratings.
  • Beautiful warm textures and colors.
  • A full 80 oz total weight
ESD Carpet

AZO-STAT ESD Conductive Berber is an industrial carpet designed specifically for extra heavy commercial traffic and the customer requiring mission critical construction and long-term performance. Finally, true conductive carpeting capable of handling heavy loads and aggressive wear situations found in 911 Dispatch, 24/7 Call Centers, FAA Towers and Mission Critical Networked Office environments. With great looks and very low maintenance, this material is nearly indestructible! This time tested, static control carpeting provides exceptional “Extreme Service” in the most demanding situations. Excellent choice for use in ESDS static control areas such as, FAA, DOD, Military, Telecommunications, Critical Electronic Manufacturing, Assembly and Handling environments.

AZO-STAT ESD conductive Berber is made of solution dyed ASOTA, high UV stability colorfast olefin staple fibers, blended with graphite conductive fibers/silver coated nylon fiber, and manufactured by a proprietary fiber-v-loop double needled process. This proprietary manufacturing process provides exceptionally consistent PTP, (Point-to-Point) and RTG, (Resistance-to-Ground) electrical readings and one of the fastest, most complete electrostatic charge decay ratings in the world. AZO-STAT ESD Carpet edge is ravel free and is ideal for raised access floor panels, or as an ESD conductive industrial matting / runner. Perfect for handling heavy loads and aggressive wear situations, while providing the utmost in proven ESD performance. Meets and or Exceeds specifications and guidelines issued by the F.A.A., IBM, EOS/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD S20.20 as well as D.O.D. HDBK263A, Section 40.1.2: Meets guidelines for sensitive ESD devices, Class 1.

We challenge anyone to show us a more durable, long lasting carpeting or any flooring material that can out perform AZO-STAT. With exceptional ergonomic comfort and excellent sound absorption qualities, AZO-STAT factory flooring deserves it's outstanding reputation as the indestructible ESD floor covering of the new millennium. True static control conductive <10E06 carpet fibers allow user induced electrostatic potential to dissipate via a harmless controlled corona discharge phenomena (similar to static control aircraft wicks) providing an extremely low static tribo-electric generation potential that is quickly discharged via ground, hence, the lowest BVG ratings in the industry.

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